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To begin blogging is tough..

To begin blogging is tough.. Maintaining one is even tougher! Especially when genuine content has to be posted 😛 

"Yes, it's quite true that to begin blogging is quite a tough job. Firstly, the lack of serious motivation, not always you feel like writing, not that you feel anything always. Secondly, Privacy issues if the blog is based on your life story. Broken hearts, screwed up grades, ex-girlfriends and much more bakchodi in real life."

So, finally after a long time of three years i have decided to start blogging in a serious note. I always wished to be a writer. And my craze for fiction reading has transformed the urge into an addiction to write now.

"I can write, write on anything, write with anything.."

Later in life i slowly realized that  am good at love related issues, friends don't call me a lover guru for nothing. That in my sense still doesn't give you a license to flirt.  but you have no obvious reason to avoid as well .. 😉

Sarcastically no matter how good you are, if you finally land up with a broken heart after loosing that ONE TRUE love of your God-for-saken life, the LOVE GURU tag matters no longer to you. They truly said, Loss in love can only be understood once it happens to yourself.
                      ( p.s. Here "they" refers to ... myself. )

Lets see what it brings up next. Will open up more in my next post. Hope to get some loyal readers too. I need not say "Please feel free to express yourself with comments;  Meanwhile, even mothers and sisters do follow the blog so no offensive stickies ! "  whatever..



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