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There is something, that makes me believe in marriage.

Yes, you read it right. I know today between the hardcore and fast lives of mega cities, talking about having belief in a marriage or sustaining one sounds too outdated. So be it. There comes a time in life when above all, you earn a gut feeling about some peculiar thing be it love, career or anything else. The fact is that you earn it! By experiences, The hard way indeed. 

"One saturates over the amount of time one spends on earth, or atleast that is what i guess.."

It holds true essentially if you have had been gone through some emotionally crashing relationships lately or even a series of rejections, things saturate. One's capacity of hearing "no" alas visualizes an end no far. I don't blame you. I blame no one infact. Its all a process of learning and maturing in one's own God-for-saken life.

"You are the way you are. You were born with it and shall die to. So don't waste your time in manipulating yourself just in a distrust of being accepted"

I have grown over life. Not just physically but psychologically and divinely as well. And there is something in marriage that makes me believe in it. All the "Veedhi Veedhans", the "7 Pheras" and the presence of divine bliss on the day makes it no less than a re-birth.

All of a sudden while attending your friends reception (post marriage party) you realize an urge to get married as well. The strong desire to connect to the opposite sex so strong, so pure which was never discovered before relinquishes bliss upon you. Trust me if had it been just the issue of opposite sex connection, relationships wouldn't have been so bitchy. but it's more. A lot more actually.

"Tying knots has a lot essence over a life time. It not only symbolizes union of two individuals for a lifetime but also the union of their creativity, craziness and compassion for each other"

I wish to love my better half more than she expects, as that is the only way i feel one can realize limitless love, which by giving it. Expecting love is for nothing. If she could feel it she would definitively open up. Healthy and hearty communication in a marriage is very essential, not just marriage but also relationships. A breach in communiction link results in sleepless nights, moodless activities and successless efforts and above all a stressful miserable love and professional life. Open up! Express! Speak about whatever you feel. She aint running away nor the world is, but that doesn't mean that your thoughts shall be conveyed to her via telepathy.

"Talking of me, i just took the risk of opening up again. Though i promised myself i would never again, atleast not so soon! I wrote my heart out and that's it. I don't expect any outcome. Atleast not a positive one. It was necessary for me, so will it be to you. That night i slept well, as i was satisfied i hadn't cheated myself.. Don't think about after effects and results. They never come weirder than they really are. The fear just stops you from doing your action"

My posts may always sound confusing and out of track, but that is exactly what is my state of mind currently. I am teared apart between mind and heart. Hearts seeks for love, mind knows it well, its not gonna come. Heart just doesn't accept it.

If you too feel some strange things happening inside you, do write upto me. May be we have something in common than, after all we are common men and women 😀

Stay fit, eat healthy will turn up again soon with a new piece of shit from my sewage lines (Brains -> Left and right ones, yes i've got two, both are independent and equally scewingly cunning!)



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