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Now that i know you're in love...

"Now that i know you're in love, head deep, am happy and satisfied. "

Yes, so what if it's not me whom you love, but the fact that you love is very fascinating and relieving for me. I have a vision of watching you being loved; by me or not by me. There seems to be some emptiness in your eyes which i sensed long way back. The kind of which i have. Words seem to fall useless when eyes talk.  They have their own language, so mesmerizing and so sure, so untouched.

I am really very happy knowing that you have experienced love, and it shows. The very touch of love is so soothing to soul, so nourishing to heart and body,  i realized it now. And yeah thanks to you, i evolved. Previously i had certain misconceptions about the loneliness in your existence, but now am aware of the reason behind it.

We are not sure of the future of ours, but one thing is sure, where ever i shall be, i will cherish meeting a person like you once. I may wander with the same old depth of loneliness  in my heart but this loneliness would be with  a difference. My search of love may take me away, but your presence will always be marked in my soul.

Its being damn lucky to be friends with you. I respect you a lot. Being friends in life is something very cool. They say friendship is a mixture of all relations, it has love, companionship, care, affection, warmth, it protects, it nourishes and it cures.

Thanks for being my friend once and always. I will keep caring and loving you in my own strange ways, expressing it is always possible being a close friend. It would be a great pleasure if I could come to any help of yours. If you are reading this, then please do acknowledge by mailing me.

"I shall await, definitely may be." 🙂

Yours dear friend and well-wisher,


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