Research Areas :
Current: Graph Databases, Semantic Web, Formal Query Translation, Quality Assessment of Linked Open Datasets for Question Answering
Past: Challenge Response Security Mechanisms, Social Network Analysis, Lightweight R.F.I.D. Security Protocols.
Achievements & Awards:
  • Recipient of the prestigious Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellowship for pursuing doctoral research (2015-2018) under the H2020 project WDAQua ITN (GA: 642795).
  • Best Research Paper Award - SEMANTiCS 2017 for our submission titled "Trying Not to Die Benchmarking – Orchestrating RDF and Graph Data Management Solution Benchmarks Using LITMUS" (2017)

    Best Research Paper Award - SEMANTiCS 2017 - Amsterdam

  • Best Workshop Paper Award - PROFILES 2016 for our submission titled "Assessing trust with PageRank in the Web of Data." (2016)

    Best Workshop Paper - PROFILES 2016 - Heraklion

  • Awarded Third Prize in Student Project - ESWC Summer School 2016 for our work based on proposing "SmartRecipe", a novel recipe search and recommender engine for people with special dietary requirements, using the BBC Food dataset.[Github]  (2016)

    Student Project - Third Prize - ESWC Summer School 2016 - Dubrovnik

  • Awarded AA Grade (10/10) for Masters Thesis carrying research work on Sentiment Analysis for Twitter using Hybrid Naive Bayes by Computer Department, Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology (2013)
  • Microsoft Certified Professional Awarded by Microsoft Foundation on successfully clearing certification exam 70-536 of .NET Framework 2.0 Application Foundation [Official Transcript] (2010)
Published Papers
  1. "CLEF/ShArE ehealth 2014 Task 3: User centered health information retrieval system; Harsh Thakkar, Ganesh Iyer, Kesha Shah, Prasenjit Majumder", to be submitted in CLEF ehealth 2014 Task 3, June 2014 [draft][Full Proceedings]
  2. "Improvements over Extended LMAP+: RFID Authentication Protocol ; Jitendra B. Gurubani, Harsh Thakkar and Dhiren R. Patel" published TRUST MANAGEMENT VI - IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology, 2012, Volume 374/2012, 225-231, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-29852-3_17 [draft]
  3. "NeurOCR : A Neural Network based approach to Optical Character Recognition systems; Harsh Thakkar" published in proceedings of The 14th International Conference of International Academy of Physical Sciences, Dec 2011 [draft]
  4. "Playing with distances @FIRE 2014: Document Similarity Amid Automatically Detected Terms: Harsh Thakkar, Ganesh Iyer, Honey Patel"; Working notes for FIRE 2014, Dec 2014 [author's draft]
  5. Shekarpour, Saeedeh, Denis Lukovnikov, Ashwini Jaya Kumar, Kemele Endris, Kuldeep Singh, Harsh Thakkar, and Christoph Lange. "Question Answering on Linked Data: Challenges and Future Directions." arXiv preprint arXiv:1601.03541, Q4APS workshop at WWW 2016, (2016). [draft]
  6. Harsh Thakkar, Kemele M. Endris, Jose M. Garica, Jeremy Debattista, Christoph Lange, Soeren Auer. " Are Linked Datasets fit for Open-domain Question Answering? A Quality Assessment.",To appear in proceedings WIMS 2016, (2016). [draft]
  7. Giménez-García, José M., Harsh Thakkar, and Antoine Zimmermann. "Assessing trust with PageRank in the Web of Data." International Semantic Web Conference. Springer International Publishing, 2016. [Best Workshop Paper Award, draft]
  8. Gupta, Shubhanshu, Vaibhavi Desai, and Harsh Thakkar. "Social Data Analysis: A Study on Friend Rating Influence." arXiv preprint arXiv:1702.07651 (2017). [draft]
  9. Thakkar, Harsh. "Towards an Open Extensible Framework for Empirical Benchmarking of Data Management Solutions: LITMUS." In European Semantic Web Conference, pp. 256-266. Springer, Cham, 2017. [draft]
  10. Singh, Kuldeep, Dharmen Punjani, Harsh Thakkar, "QAestro–Semantic-based Composition of Question Answering Pipelines.". 28th International Conference on Database and Expert Systems Applications - DEXA 2017 (DEXA 2017), Lyon, France, (2017) [draft]
  11. Thakkar, Harsh, Dharmen Punjani, Maria-Esther Vidal, et al. "Towards an Integrated Graph Algebra for Graph Pattern Matching with Gremlin". 28th International Conference on Database and Expert Systems Applications (DEXA 2017), Lyon, France, (2017) [draft]
  12. Thakkar, Harsh, Yashwant Keswani, Mohnish Dubey, et. al., "Trying Not to Die Benchmarking – Orchestrating RDF and Graph Data Management Solution Benchmarks Using LITMUS". SEMANTiCS 2017, Amsterdam, Nederlands, (2017) [Best Paper Award, Draft]
  13. Keswani, Yashwant and Thakkar, Harsh,  Dubey, Mohnish, et. al., "The LITMUS TEST: Benchmarking RDF and Graph Data Management Solution". SEMANTICS 2017, Poster & Demo, Amsterdam, Nederland, (2017) [draft]
Submitted papers
  • Thakkar, Harsh, Dharmen Punjani, Yashwant Keswani, Jens Lehmann, and Sören Auer, "A Stitch in Time Saves Nine -- SPARQL querying of Property Graphs using Gremlin Traversals", under review at Semantic Web Journal (2018) [draft].
Working papers
  • From RDF to Property Graphs - Eyeing the conversion of RDF datasets to Property Graphs aiming to First of its kind translator aimed at bridging the data gap between RDF and Graph database communities.
Master's Thesis
  • "Twitter Sentiment Analysis using Hybrid Naïve Bayes", Harsh Thakkar, Thesis in a partial fulfillment towards the degree of Master in Technology (M.Tech.), Department of Computer Engineering, SVNIT, July 2013 [Draft] [Presentation in pdf]

Other informally published works

For more information regarding my research pursuits please visit: Google scholar profile, DBLP profile, University profile, Github profile, Slideshare (presentations)

International Workshops, Summer/Winter Schools, etc exposure:

    • International Winter School on Trust Management: Attended IFIP WG11.11 Winter School on Trust Management in ICT at NIT Surat, INDIA [Website]. Learned key concepts on Trust Models and Reputation management Systems. (Feb 2012)
    • Forum for Information Retrieval Evaluation 2013 [FIRE]: Attended International Workshop of FIRE at India International Center, New Delhi, INDIA [official Website]. Learned key concepts on Information Retrieval process and relevant mechanisms. (Dec 2013)
    • Forum for Information Retrieval Evaluation 2014 [FIRE]: Attended International Workshop FIRE at Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore, INDIA and presented work on task ”Document similarity amidst automatically detected terms” organized by Prof. Jerome White and Prof. Hardik Joshi. [task website]. (Dec 2014)
    • SeReCo Doctoral Workshop 2015, organised in St. Etienne, France: I got the wonderful opportunity to know and learn from the French partners at Uni. Jean-Monet. We discussed the open issues in developing a open domain question answering system and worked on possible solutions to the same. It was a wonderful exchange of culture and skills. (Aug 2015)
    • WDAqua ITN Learning Week 2015, organised in St. Etienne, France: This was one of the most crucial networking opportunities, where I learned from fellow researchers and post-doctoral fellows from all around the world. (Aug-Sept 2015)
    • WDAqua ITN R&D Week 2016, organised in Bonn, Germany: I spent the week discussing the challenges in assessing and reusing the wide range of datasets, which a part of the LOD Cloud, and working out a generalised solution for the same. We also got the opportunity to learn from other teams about their opinion on the issue and get valuable feedback. (Feb 2016)