"Is kadar dil ke tukde huwe hain, ki har tukde me sirf tum nazar ate ho,

Is kadar armano ki arthi uthi hai, ki har shab me tum nazar ate ho,

Zindagi ke ujaalo ne itna jalaya hai ki, har andhere ke sukoon me tum nazar ate ho.."


We always run after what we think we deserve. But then we do  not always get what we ran after. Thus, begins the cycle of sorrow and joy. Above all we run after is true love, or at-least love that makes us feel loved. That might sound stupid, but its true. We always long for a person t love us for what we are, how we are the way we are. We would go head-to-toes for someone who loves us like crazy. A person who could carve your heart out carefully and then kiss it, caress it, nurture it. Grow a huge tree from the seeds of affection. But do we get such people? Well, not all of us, not even the most of us.

My this article will be yet another medium to bring out this aspect of human life named "KashmaKash..". Please give me some more time, i'll complete my write-up soon. Just stuck with some work, this idea clicked so i thought to pen it down first before it vanishes from my mystical memories lanes!



some keywords for later reference: selfishness, greed, un-worthiness, lack of confidence, pursuit of dreams/dream job, family k lye tyaag, guilt