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My sweetheart

Hey folks,
I am back with another poem of mine. After a long time i got some inspiration to write. To be frank i was dying to write soon but whenever i took a pen all i could do is scribble and waste pages but nothing would come.
Today after a long break i write again, in the memory of my beloved, yeah i know sounds "awwwww....." 😛
 लेकिन क्या करें ? दिल साला घूम फिर के वहीँ चला जाता है जाना जहाँ , परहेज़ है उसे |
Hope you can also connect with it! 🙂

I have dreamed and dreamed a lot,
I have lost and lost a lot,
with what remains in me today,
i want to see the old age with you cherishing everyday.

My Poem may rhyme or may not,
this lack of love, my love, has made me rot,
The more i try to be happy alone,
In the back of my mind, your pictures are shown.

I know my poem sucks,
without you my love, i am nothing but
sitting ducks :-/
Lets meet soon and re-live the life,
wear that huge tshirt, jeans tight,
peep outside the window and stare the trees,
with a cup of tea and samrat fired peas 😛

I want to hold u and hug you tight,
you are my darkness, you are my light,
Wandering the empty streets of my heart,