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Countries you can visit without visa holding an Indian Passport

Here is a list of countries you can visit if you are an Indian passport holder, without the requirement of any visa. Cheers!!

1. Bhutan

2. Hong Kong

3. Thailand

4. South Korea (Jeju)

5. Macau

6. Nepal

7. Antarctica

8. Seychelles

9. FYRO Macedonia

10. Svalbard

11. Dominica

12. Grenada

13. Haiti

14. Jamaica

15. Montserrat

16. St. Kitts & Nevis

17. St. Vincent & Grenadines

18. Trinidad & Tobago

19. Turks & Caicos Islands

20. British Virgin Islands

21. El Salvador

22. Ecuador

23. Cook Islands

24. Fiji

25. Micronesia

26. Niue

27. Samoa

28. Vanuatu

29. Cambodia

30. Indonesia

31. Laos

32. Zimbabwe

33. Timor Leste

34. Iraq (Basra)

35. Jordan

36. Comoros Is.

37. Maldives

38. Mauritius

39. Cape Verde

40. Djibouti

41. Ethiopia

42. Gambia

43. Guinea-Bissau

44. Kenya

45. Madagascar

46. Mozambique

47. Sao Tome & Principe

48. Tanzania

49. Togo

50. Uganda

51. Georgia

52. Tajikistan

53. St. Lucia

54. Nicaragua

55. Bolivia

56. Guyana

57. Nauru

58. Palau

59. Tuvalu

[source of article]


My sweetheart

Hey folks,
I am back with another poem of mine. After a long time i got some inspiration to write. To be frank i was dying to write soon but whenever i took a pen all i could do is scribble and waste pages but nothing would come.
Today after a long break i write again, in the memory of my beloved, yeah i know sounds "awwwww....." 😛
 लेकिन क्या करें ? दिल साला घूम फिर के वहीँ चला जाता है जाना जहाँ , परहेज़ है उसे |
Hope you can also connect with it! 🙂

I have dreamed and dreamed a lot,
I have lost and lost a lot,
with what remains in me today,
i want to see the old age with you cherishing everyday.

My Poem may rhyme or may not,
this lack of love, my love, has made me rot,
The more i try to be happy alone,
In the back of my mind, your pictures are shown.

I know my poem sucks,
without you my love, i am nothing but
sitting ducks :-/
Lets meet soon and re-live the life,
wear that huge tshirt, jeans tight,
peep outside the window and stare the trees,
with a cup of tea and samrat fired peas 😛

I want to hold u and hug you tight,
you are my darkness, you are my light,
Wandering the empty streets of my heart,



"Is kadar dil ke tukde huwe hain, ki har tukde me sirf tum nazar ate ho,

Is kadar armano ki arthi uthi hai, ki har shab me tum nazar ate ho,

Zindagi ke ujaalo ne itna jalaya hai ki, har andhere ke sukoon me tum nazar ate ho.."


We always run after what we think we deserve. But then we do  not always get what we ran after. Thus, begins the cycle of sorrow and joy. Above all we run after is true love, or at-least love that makes us feel loved. That might sound stupid, but its true. We always long for a person t love us for what we are, how we are the way we are. We would go head-to-toes for someone who loves us like crazy. A person who could carve your heart out carefully and then kiss it, caress it, nurture it. Grow a huge tree from the seeds of affection. But do we get such people? Well, not all of us, not even the most of us.

My this article will be yet another medium to bring out this aspect of human life named "KashmaKash..". Please give me some more time, i'll complete my write-up soon. Just stuck with some work, this idea clicked so i thought to pen it down first before it vanishes from my mystical memories lanes!



some keywords for later reference: selfishness, greed, un-worthiness, lack of confidence, pursuit of dreams/dream job, family k lye tyaag, guilt

Now that i know you're in love...

"Now that i know you're in love, head deep, am happy and satisfied. "

Yes, so what if it's not me whom you love, but the fact that you love is very fascinating and relieving for me. I have a vision of watching you being loved; by me or not by me. There seems to be some emptiness in your eyes which i sensed long way back. The kind of which i have. Words seem to fall useless when eyes talk.  They have their own language, so mesmerizing and so sure, so untouched.

I am really very happy knowing that you have experienced love, and it shows. The very touch of love is so soothing to soul, so nourishing to heart and body,  i realized it now. And yeah thanks to you, i evolved. Previously i had certain misconceptions about the loneliness in your existence, but now am aware of the reason behind it.

We are not sure of the future of ours, but one thing is sure, where ever i shall be, i will cherish meeting a person like you once. I may wander with the same old depth of loneliness  in my heart but this loneliness would be with  a difference. My search of love may take me away, but your presence will always be marked in my soul.

Its being damn lucky to be friends with you. I respect you a lot. Being friends in life is something very cool. They say friendship is a mixture of all relations, it has love, companionship, care, affection, warmth, it protects, it nourishes and it cures.

Thanks for being my friend once and always. I will keep caring and loving you in my own strange ways, expressing it is always possible being a close friend. It would be a great pleasure if I could come to any help of yours. If you are reading this, then please do acknowledge by mailing me.

"I shall await, definitely may be." 🙂

Yours dear friend and well-wisher,


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There is something, that makes me believe in marriage.

Yes, you read it right. I know today between the hardcore and fast lives of mega cities, talking about having belief in a marriage or sustaining one sounds too outdated. So be it. There comes a time in life when above all, you earn a gut feeling about some peculiar thing be it love, career or anything else. The fact is that you earn it! By experiences, The hard way indeed. 

"One saturates over the amount of time one spends on earth, or atleast that is what i guess.."

It holds true essentially if you have had been gone through some emotionally crashing relationships lately or even a series of rejections, things saturate. One's capacity of hearing "no" alas visualizes an end no far. I don't blame you. I blame no one infact. Its all a process of learning and maturing in one's own God-for-saken life.

"You are the way you are. You were born with it and shall die to. So don't waste your time in manipulating yourself just in a distrust of being accepted"

I have grown over life. Not just physically but psychologically and divinely as well. And there is something in marriage that makes me believe in it. All the "Veedhi Veedhans", the "7 Pheras" and the presence of divine bliss on the day makes it no less than a re-birth.

All of a sudden while attending your friends reception (post marriage party) you realize an urge to get married as well. The strong desire to connect to the opposite sex so strong, so pure which was never discovered before relinquishes bliss upon you. Trust me if had it been just the issue of opposite sex connection, relationships wouldn't have been so bitchy. but it's more. A lot more actually.

"Tying knots has a lot essence over a life time. It not only symbolizes union of two individuals for a lifetime but also the union of their creativity, craziness and compassion for each other"

I wish to love my better half more than she expects, as that is the only way i feel one can realize limitless love, which by giving it. Expecting love is for nothing. If she could feel it she would definitively open up. Healthy and hearty communication in a marriage is very essential, not just marriage but also relationships. A breach in communiction link results in sleepless nights, moodless activities and successless efforts and above all a stressful miserable love and professional life. Open up! Express! Speak about whatever you feel. She aint running away nor the world is, but that doesn't mean that your thoughts shall be conveyed to her via telepathy.

"Talking of me, i just took the risk of opening up again. Though i promised myself i would never again, atleast not so soon! I wrote my heart out and that's it. I don't expect any outcome. Atleast not a positive one. It was necessary for me, so will it be to you. That night i slept well, as i was satisfied i hadn't cheated myself.. Don't think about after effects and results. They never come weirder than they really are. The fear just stops you from doing your action"

My posts may always sound confusing and out of track, but that is exactly what is my state of mind currently. I am teared apart between mind and heart. Hearts seeks for love, mind knows it well, its not gonna come. Heart just doesn't accept it.

If you too feel some strange things happening inside you, do write upto me. May be we have something in common than, after all we are common men and women 😀

Stay fit, eat healthy will turn up again soon with a new piece of shit from my sewage lines (Brains -> Left and right ones, yes i've got two, both are independent and equally scewingly cunning!)



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To begin blogging is tough..

To begin blogging is tough.. Maintaining one is even tougher! Especially when genuine content has to be posted 😛 

"Yes, it's quite true that to begin blogging is quite a tough job. Firstly, the lack of serious motivation, not always you feel like writing, not that you feel anything always. Secondly, Privacy issues if the blog is based on your life story. Broken hearts, screwed up grades, ex-girlfriends and much more bakchodi in real life."

So, finally after a long time of three years i have decided to start blogging in a serious note. I always wished to be a writer. And my craze for fiction reading has transformed the urge into an addiction to write now.

"I can write, write on anything, write with anything.."

Later in life i slowly realized that  am good at love related issues, friends don't call me a lover guru for nothing. That in my sense still doesn't give you a license to flirt.  but you have no obvious reason to avoid as well .. 😉

Sarcastically no matter how good you are, if you finally land up with a broken heart after loosing that ONE TRUE love of your God-for-saken life, the LOVE GURU tag matters no longer to you. They truly said, Loss in love can only be understood once it happens to yourself.
                      ( p.s. Here "they" refers to ... myself. )

Lets see what it brings up next. Will open up more in my next post. Hope to get some loyal readers too. I need not say "Please feel free to express yourself with comments;  Meanwhile, even mothers and sisters do follow the blog so no offensive stickies ! "  whatever..



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