Interesting links

This page is meant to grow over time. It consists of lists of people, projects and related interesting artifacts in the field of my research (includes hobbies too!)

  • Andrea Mostosi - The Big Data Ecosystem Table
    • Consists a major list of projects in the field of big data
    • Github
  • Keras Library - Theano-based Deep Learning library
    • Convnets, recurrent neural networks, and more
    • Github
  • Visual intro to Machine Learning - R2D3
    • A brilliant visual example for basic understand of ML and its application
    • by Stephanie Yee and Tony Chu
  • Awesome 35 Big Data free data sources online
  • Somewhat more detailed information on Conference statistics (CFP, acceptance rates and so on)
  • A wonderful message by News anchor and Journalist Ravish Kumar (on the current state of Media)
  • Article on the use of Git branching constructs [here]


Pass time in a better way

  • 17 websites to kill time when bored: [Here]

If you have interesting links to share, please write to me.

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