HarshHello there!

A warm welcome on all of you on my web space.

I am Harsh V. Thakkar, a full-time Marie-Curie Researcher at the Informatik III department of University of Bonn, Germany.  My current research interests are aligned with the EU funded project WDAqua which lie at the intersection of Graph Databases, Semantic Web and Quality Assessment of Linked Open Data.

I completed my Post-graduation from National Institute of  Technology Surat [2013]. I worked on "Sentiment analysis for twitter using hybrid Naive Bayes" for the master thesis. Furthermore, I graduated from L. D. College of Engineering, Ahmedabad in Computer Engineering discipline [2011].

Personal words:

I was a doodlebug since my childhood. I used to scribble all those things in my notebook that I could imagine and still some part of it is preserved in me, one of the major sources of my creativity. I feel, personally, that sustaining a smile on your face throughout the journey of life is the most difficult task to accomplish, and I am quite a well successful in that. I am what my heart is.

You may find a copy of my resume [File: Harsh Thakkar Resume] for your convenience.


My ambition in life is to attain a high professional degree in Academics and Position and set a benchmark in the society. I have also put my efforts into developing and exploring new technology, thereby contributing a little towards making life smoother, not only mine but others as well.


Please feel free to write to me,

E-mail: hthakkar[<at>]uni-bonn[<dot>]de OR harsh9t[<at>]gmail[<dot>]com
Office: Room A110, Institute for Computer Science III (Informatik III), University of Bonn, Romerstraße 164, Bonn, 53117, Germany.